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Wednesday Summer Registration


Sunday Summer Registration 




The draw was made last night with several committee members present along with members of the playing community which took over 2 hours. Today, I have had to re-enter everything and get it uploaded to the website as i am away next week. For those that saw the amount of forms etc at the AGM, this was a big job, there may be an error or 2 so please let me know ASAP!!!

Do not request any changes as it is just not possible.

DATES: In order of rounds (1st round,2nd Round, 3rd Round)

Singles - 24th April, 15th May, 5th June
Scotch - 1st May, 22nd May, 12th June
Doubles - 8th May, 29th May, 19th June
MONDAY 50s - 29th April, 13th May, 20th May - Subject to change due to player numbers

Singles - 28th April, 9th June, 7th July
Scotch - 12th May, 16th June, 14th July
Doubles - 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July
50s - 2nd June, 30th June, 28th July - Subject to change due to player numbers

The Sunday 50s may only be 2 rounds due to low numbers.

Most have been doing these for a long time and know how to do the draw on the night. 7:45 roll call 8pm start

Matches per round

1st round - best of 3
2nd round - best of 5 - ALL MATCHES AT VENUE
Final round - best of 7 


Message from Committee

It has been brought to the committee's attention by a number of teams about the use of drugs by certain players.

Teams must be aware that we are affiliated to WPA who are trying to eradicate drugs from pool.

Therefore, we as a league will be taking a zero tolerance policy on drug taking .

Any players deeemed to be under the influence of drugs can and will be removed from the league.
The committee must be notified and can then deal with the result/complaint





All Match Cards to be emailed on the night of/day after the Wednesday/Sunday matches to avoid point deductions